Aquaman: Four reasons to go see the King of Atlantis

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It looks comical

One of the many issues people have had with the DC Universe movies is that they’re too serious. Sure, there’s a joke here and there, but it’s too dark and grim at times. It could be because their characters are known for their humor. Justice League was more light-hearted than what we’re used to. Even with Flash, Batman, Superman adding some much-needed humor. It was still more gothic than people may have wanted. Judging from the trailers, Aquaman has a balance between making jokes, action, and the darkness that people enjoy.

I enjoy that the DC Comics movies aren’t like the MCU flicks. There has to be a balance. DC Comics has established that their movies aren’t like Disney like movies.

However, everything can’t be dark and brooding. There was already a good amount of jokes in the Aquaman trailer and they’re probably just the tip of the trident. The levity in Aquaman is going to set it far away from anything we’ve seen from DC in a long time. It’s also going to almost guarantee that we will be getting more than a couple of Aquaman movies.