DC Universe’s Titans: The essential soundtrack playlist

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The Titans show on the DC Universe streaming platform was often inconsistent, but there is no denying the showrunners gave us a kickass soundtrack to enjoy.

The first season of DC Universe’s Titans is over, and viewers are straddling both sides of the fence about it. Rotten Tomatoes rated it ‘fresh,’ but many felt the show was needlessly dark and violent. Good, bad or ugly, one of the highlights of the show was the pop and rock soundtrack that accompanied many of Anna Diop’s Starfire scenes, as well as those involving the Nuclear Family, in the first half of the show. The songs were a refreshing infusion of fun, even if the visuals remained at odds with the peppy beats.

The very first episode of Titans set the tone by introducing Starfire with the apt “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” by Tavares. Needless to say, the song was a nod to Starfire’s comic book origins as an alien princess who falls from the sky, quite literally, into Robin’s arms. While Titans didn’t give us the same meet-cute, Tavares provided faithful comic fans with a vital Easter Egg.

Those of us who love the golden oldies from the ‘50s through to the ‘80s were delighted every time one of our favorite pop tunes surfaced on the show. But, there were also plenty of nods to contemporary music. For those of you who want to relive some of that Titans magic, I bring to you the Essential Titans Soundtrack Playlist.