DC Universe’s Titans: The essential soundtrack playlist

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Photo Credit: Titans/Warner Bros. TV, DC Universe

Titans Trailer

“Madness” by Ruelle

The now-infamous trailer for the show debuted at the San Diego Comic Con in 2018. Brenton Thwaites debuted as Robin and his vociferous declaration of ‘F*** Batman’ was met with horror and surprise by most fans. The trailer set the tone for a darker look into the DC Comics universe — it truly was madness.

Pilot Episode

“Alone” by Monogrenade

After taking down a child abuser, Dick Grayson is alone in his loft cleaning up the bloody mess on his Robin suit while listening to a record. There is some dispute about the name of the song and the band, but it captures the essence of Dick’s conflicted emotions perfectly.

“S.O.B.” by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) runs away to Detroit, after her mother is killed by a mysterious messenger. She doesn’t realize that she’s headed for the city that Dick Grayson now calls home. Without a doubt, her soul-self guided this decision, but it begins a series of frightening events for the girl.

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” by Tavares

Kory Anders/ Starfire wakes up in a car crash in Vienna, not remembering anything about who she is or how she got there. She appears unscathed, but the driver is dead. She gets out of the car, but before she can figure things out, she has to escape the goons shooting at her.

“I Feel Love” by Donna Summer

Starfire visits a nightclub on the hunt for answers from Konstantin Kovar. What she finds is unexpected – Kovar claims to be in love with her, but Starfire is certain that the feelings were not reciprocated. This date ends explosively as viewers, and Starfire, discover she has latent powers. She may not feel love, but Kovar and his goons definitely feel the fire.