Five comic book characters Keanu Reeves could play

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3. Darkman

Created by Spider-Man director, Sam Rami in 1980, Darkman follows a scientist who was burned alive and left for dead. Before becoming a comic, Rami developed the movie for Universal Studios which starred Liam Nesson. The movie became a trilogy, albeit the success of the sequels paled in comparison to the original.

Dr. Peyton Westlake worked as a scientist that developed synthetic skin for burn victims. A mob boss, Robert G. Durant had his men burn Westlake’s lab and him along with it. Westlake barely survived the ordeal with his life being saved and underwent experimental surgery.

Westlake was now armed with random adrenaline spikes. And the ability to absorb pain, due to his nerve sensory being damaged. The disfigured scientist rebuilt his lab and began plotting his vengeance.

He used his science to replicate the faces of Durant’s henchman. This allowed Westlake to take down Durant from within. Damaged and deranged, Westlake accepted who he was and became. Darkman.

Darkman became a comic in 1990, thanks to  Marvel Comics. The comic book run ended in 1993 but, Dynamite Entertainment reprised the hero in 2007.

There aren’t any plans for a remake. But there should be and Keanu Reeves should play the role of as Peyton Westlake aka Darkman.