Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse doesn’t have the only Miles Morales

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Miles Morales (the first from Earth 616)

If there was a Miles Morales on Earth 1610, there must have been one on Earth 616. There was and their personalities couldn’t be further from each other. This Miles Morales was a criminal. He worked for an old mob boss named Don Rigoletto. Miles met Wilson Fisk in prison and the two became friends almost immediately. Miles saved Wilson from being killed by an inmate named Little Hands, who was hopped up on mutant growth hormones. After that, they became brothers. They even took down Don Rigoletto together and started their own empire.

Miles eventually got out of the Mob game with Wilson’s blessing. Wilson even kept giving him money since Miles helped him amass his empire. When Miles’ wife died Wilson visited him and told him about the multi-verse. Miles used this as an opportunity to try and restart his life. Eventually left Earth 616 and appeared on an earth that looks like the Ultimate Universe (where Peter Parker was alive and one of the Ulitmates). He meets a version of his dead wife and it seems like he will start a new and happier life with her.