That time of the year again: The top ten comic books of 2018!

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Image by Archie Comics and DC Entertainment

Honorable Mention: Archie Meets Batman ’66 No. 1-5

Barely edging out Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (which took this spot last year), it is hard to think of a crossover this year that was more fun! That’s noteworthy, considering 2018 was also a year that saw the Ninja Turtles and Batman team up again! While Marvel Comics has been shy with inter-company crossovers since Disney’s purchase of the company became official in 2010, their rivals over at DC have been more than willing to give fans some cool team-ups!

This one sees veteran writers Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci and legendary Archie illustrator Dan Parent unite to provide a union that few fans could see coming! Set during the era of mod fashion and The Beatles, the beloved Adam West and Burt Ward TV show’s inspired interpretation of the Caped Crusaders crash into Riverdale! An alliance of their worst villains have brought the happy small town to its knees! The casts have interacted to great appeal so far!

Over the last five issues, there have been many highlights. Among them are Reggie Mantle and the Riddler teaming up, as well as Jughead’s love of burgers being able to allow him to recover from mind control! Additionally, Veronica Lodge got to ride the Batmobile, while Betty Cooper got to crush on the Boy Wonder! The series has taken its time to get to the climax, yet exudes an aura of nostalgia and wholehearted fondness for the material. At a time when Heroes in Crisis is literally a superhero title these days, it’s great to enjoy a tale that isn’t quite so grim and dour at times!