Runaways season 2 (spoiler-free) review


In its sophomore season, Marvel’s Runaways doubles down on the meaning of family while expanding it’s universe and cast of characters. Here’s our non-spoilery review.

Runaways‘ second season was released on December 21st, 2018, with thirteen episodes of the teen superhero series. Picking up shortly after season one’s finale, we find the team still on the run and trying to bring their parents to justice. Season two raises the stakes in this fight, as we see a number of deaths, shifting alliances and a change in the status quo with the introduction of several characters straight from the comic book.

At this point, all of the characters seem well-versed in their characters, with each member of the team getting a chance to shine throughout the season. Virginia Gardner’s Karolina and Lyrica Okano’s Nico in particular serve as the show’s emotional center as the “power couple” of the team. Ariela Barer’s Gert and Gregg Sulkin’s Chase are still fantastic together, with undeniable chemistry that comes through even when their characters are fighting with each other. Allegra Acosta’s Molly, who probably shows the most growth from last season, is more confident in herself and her place in the world. Rhenzy Feliz’s Alex faces his own inner struggles while trying to hold the team together. The parents also do amazing jobs with keeping viewers guessing what their true intentions are when it comes to their children.

This season definitely moves at a much faster pace that the last, but starts splintering storylines halfway through, setting each character down different paths. The writing is tighter and the action sequences are amazing, particularly episode 7. There are also several Easter eggs that pop-up throughout the season connecting the show to the larger MCU, which is a nice touch.

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If there is one criticism, it’s that the characters struggle early on to keep each other together as a group, but this gradually fades by the end of the season. These characters work best when they’re not just teammates, but they’re a family. Be warned there are several cliffhangers in the season finale that will leave audiences on pins and needles until season three (so the show better get renewed).

Marvel’s Runaways is now streaming on Hulu.