Uncanny X-Men No. 8 review: X-Men Disassembled Part 8


With X-Man gone what does that mean for his Horsemen, will Armor kill X-Man, and one of the young X-Men has a secret uncovered.

Uncanny X-Men No. 8

Writers: Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson

Penciler: R.B. Silva

Color artist: Rachel Rosenberg

Cover artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, Guru-eFX

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Previously, in Uncanny X-Men No. 7, Armor, Glob, Pixie, and Rockslide are stuck in the Age of Apocalypse. To make things worse, they’re trapped there with a powerless Nate Grey (X-Man). On one side you have Pixie and Rockslide who want to kill X-Man even if it means being stuck there. On the other you have Armor and Glob who are trying to protect him so they can get back to their home reality. Armor starts to believe that the only way to keep their Earth safe is to kill X-Man. She apologizes to X-Man and says she has to kill him so their Earth can survive.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Uncanny X-Men No. 8 starts right where the previous issue left off. Armor is pounding on X-Man in an attempt to kill him. Even though Pixie and Rockslide were originally all for this, they were both disturbed by the visual. Glob watched adding,”…this can’t be right.” Meanwhile, on Earth prime (earth 616) the other X-Men are fighting X-Man’s Horsemen Magneto, Blob, and Omega Red. You’d assume that since X-Man was gone that his hold on them would be gone. This wasn’t the case. Now, as Omega Red put it, “All I can feel is a great hole where once there was purpose.”

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

While all the fighting is going on, Jean Grey, Bishop, and Psylocke are trying to figure out what happened to the young X-Men and Nate Grey. As they’re trying to figure it out, Kitty comes out of the rubble caused by the fight with Senator Allen and Apocalypse. They find out that the kids and X-Man aren’t in the Age of Apocalypse. Rather a version of it in Legion’s head. Once Apocalypse figures this out, he immediately starts to try and kill Legion.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

While the X-Men hold off Apocalypse, Psylocke transfers Bishop into Legion’s head. Armor sees him and is immediately upset that he was the only one to come after them since they’ve been in that Hellish world for months. Bishop explains that it’s only been five minutes in the real world and that killing him won’t solve anything to which Armor brings up Bishop traveling through time trying to kill Hope Summers (she has a point). X-Man notices that Bishop’s physical form hasn’t changed. This makes him realize that this isn’t the Age of Apocalypse. Rather, that he’s stuck in Legion’s mind.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Legion shows up and tells X-Man he’s now in his head with a Legion of people to stop him. X-Man tells him that the mind is a tool and can be taken away. This issue ends with one heck of a scary image. Legion is now being controlled by X-Man and it seems he has both of their powers!

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

There was a lot going on between the X-Men, Legion, and Nate Grey. But there is something else important going on back at the Xavier Institute. In Uncanny X-Men No. 5, Beast found that one of the vaccines he had in his cooler was missing. Thankfully, Beast has video of the person who took the vial. To his surprise, it was Victor Borkowski (Anole) and Beast wants to know what he was doing with it.

Anole isn’t like some of the X-Men who can come and go as he pleases in public. He looks like a lizard and that appearance tends to frighten people. On top of that, he has to deal with the persecution of being gay. Anole may have had enough of being hated for two things and might have helped create the “cure” so he could at least be human. There’s another catch. During X-Men: Hunt for Wolverine Tony Stark discovers that one of the X-Men aren’t actually a mutant. has Anole been a mole this entire time?

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

X-Marks the Spot

  • How are the X-Men going to defeat someone with the powers of two omega level mutants? They couldn’t even beat X-Man and he only has one omega level mutant.
  • How will Anole justify what stealing the vaccine from Beast’s lab? Is everything what it appears to be?
  • Has Armor’s time in Legion’s head ruined her view on life? It seems like she’s being made a focal point for a reason.
  • Will X-Man’s Horsemen ever be the same or are they doomed to servitude even if X-Man dies?
  • Kitty Pryde has become an amazing leader. Watching her debate a veteran like Storm and have her listen was great. But will this last? Storm didn’t look too happy about what Kitty was saying.

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