Review: Heroes in Crisis #4 ups the ante


Heroes in Crisis #4 delivers another twist in Tom King’s superhero murder mystery, and things are about to take a very intriguing turn.

We’re four issues into Heroes In Crisis’ nine-issue run and the drama is building. In Heroes In Crisis #4, though, the drama arrives in spades as Batgirl tracks down Harley Quinn and Superman drops a bomb on Batman and Wonder Woman.

Tom King’s superhero murder mystery is getting hotter as the mysteries deepened and the questions keep coming. Let’s go inside Heroes In Crisis #4.

Spoilers for Heroes In Crisis #4

Everything about Heroes In Crisis thus far has revolved around twists and turns that no one sees coming. That’s the beauty of the thing. King introduced us to Sanctuary, a supposed safe have for rest and recovery, and then blows the lid off with a string of heinous murders that rocked the superhero community.

The two suspects so far are Booster Gold and Harley Quinn. Booster passed Wonder Woman’s lasso test (or did he?) and that means the target is closing in on Harley.

In an unexpected twist in this month’s installment, Batgirl tracks down Harley not to bring her in, but to help her. The two women share an embrace after their fight that demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, that both individuals are dealing with bigger issues and can find strength working together.

It’s not a moment too soon, because Superman drops a bombshell on Batman and Wonder Woman. Lois Lane has a “source” who has the secret Sanctuary tapes. If she doesn’t run the story, someone else will. This puts Superman in a very awkward position (sources must be protected at all costs, of course) and so he reveals that her expose is coming…less than a minute after it goes to press.

With the secrets of Sanctuary revealed to the whole world, what will happen next?

Heroes In Crisis #4 had a lot going on, with appearances from the likes of Aqualad and Donna Troy, and Green Arrow and Black Canary. The bedroom boardroom meeting between an embattled Clark and determined Lois is one of the best Clark and Lois moments I’ve seen in a long while. (Bonus points to Clay Mann for Supes in his very tighty-whities) The desperation and emotion between Batgirl and Harley Quinn was palpable, and having them together when Lois’ story dropped hopefully means we’ll see them again soon.

This issue never lets up, and will likely prove integral to setting up the rest of the story. Heroes In Crisis #4 is a must-read.

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Clay Mann

Colorist: Tomeu Morey

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

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Heroes In Crisis #4 is available now at your local comic shop.