Marvel Comics characters to watch out for in 2019

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X-Force No. 1 cover by Pepe Larraz (Credit: Marvel Comics)

The young Nathan “Cable” Summers

Nathan Summers was killed by a younger version of himself. This may seem confusing but things tend to get a bit weird when time travel is involved. The younger Cable saw a future that could have been prevented if his older self had taken care of business. Since he didn’t, his younger self stepped in and did the job for him. Come to find out, this was a plan put together by his presumed dead father Cyclops (who will be discussed later). That isn’t the end. Cable seems to be a part of the new ongoing X-Force series.

X-Force No. 1’s creative team of writer Ed Brisson (Old man Logan and Extermination) and artists Dylan Burnett and Juanan Ramírez start issue one as Bam Smack Pow’s Monita Mohan put it,

"“X-Force (2018) No. 1 was an action-packed reintroduction to this gang of misfits. They are surprisingly well-adjusted despite the devastating loss of Cable, but it is also evident that they have replaced grief with their mission, instead of taking time to cope with their loss”"

What does that mean for Cable? It looks like there will be a lot of fighting for him in the near future. First, they have to fight (shocking, I know). As the cover (and image above) show Cable and X-Force will more than likely begin working together at some point. However, the young Cable has a lot of explaining to do. There’s no way he can get away with killing an X-Man. Even it’s killing himself…kind of.