Marvel Comics characters to watch out for in 2019

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


Frank Castle has spent most of his time as the Punisher killing drug dealers, killers, and rapists. Every so often he’ll venture into the world of superpowers and fight Wolverine, get tangled up with Spider-Man, or get involved in the Superhero Civil War. Recently, Punisher has dropped on the radar of the Defenders during their bout with Diamondback.

Last year, Punisher did something that no one saw coming. He killed a major villain; the Mandarin. After his time being fooled by Hydra Cap (Secret Empire) Castle had enough. It was time to take care of more than just his regular thugs. The bad part is now Castle is on the radar of Nick Fury and that’s someone you don’t want watching you.

Punisher may not be an A-List character, but he’s one of the smartest military minds in all of comics. It’s shocking that it’s taken so long for him to become someone used more with Marvel’s more superpowered group more often. He was featured in the War of Realms poster along with a lot of other heroes. It will be great to see how he’s worked in. Also, we all want to see Punisher shoot some beings from different realms.