Batgirl #30 review: Guns, pellets, batarangs and old enemies


Life never slows down for Barbara Gordon and in Batgirl #30 the return of someone from her past complicates everything, especially with her father.

After a less than relaxing recovery, Batgirl is flying high again just in time to be caught in the middle of a lion’s den of drama. From getting into it with both her father (as Babs) and the Commissioner (as Batgirl) there’s no rest for the weary. Batgirl #30 kicks off the “Old Enemies” arc from Mairghread Scott and it’s already setting up to be a game-changer.

Spoilers for Batgirl #30

There’s nothing like seeing Batgirl flying through the air. Her joy is infectious and pure and represents the light in a dark world.

Batgirl’s challenge in “Old Enemies Part 1” is to balance keeping the peace and keeping out of trouble. Commissioner Gordon isn’t messing around and Batgirl quickly becomes a target of his frustration as he tries to manage the crowd at Alejo’s political rally.

Unfortunately, someone from their past comes back to haunt them. It turns out that former commissioner Jason Bard, the man who tried to frame Jim Gordon for murder, is back in Gotham and he’s playing both sides of the election campaign trying to get his guy elected by manipulating the competition.

Mairghread Scott’s arrival on the Batgirl title has been a welcome one as she breathes new life into Barbara Gordon. Seeing Barbara having to navigate both of her relationships with her father, one personal and one professional, is a lot of fun for readers even though it’s not easy for Babs. And with Cormorant on the way in the next issue, things aren’t going to get any easier for our hero.

Writer: Mairghread Scott

Penciller: Paul Pelletier

Inker: Norm Rapmund

Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Letterer: Deron Bennett

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Batgirl #30 is available now at your local comic shop.