HBO dropped new Game of Thrones footage during Golden Globes


If you were watching the 2019 Golden Globes you might have missed the new footage from Game of Thrones, but we have you covered.

HBO revealed a few precious seconds of Game of Thrones footage tucked into a larger HBO commercial that aired during the Golden Globes. The footage might have been brief, but it packs a ton into just a few seconds.

The commercial features all of HBO’s featured series, and it starts out with a dragon flying away from the camera before transitioning to the True Detective segment.

The actual Game of Thrones segment begins at the 0:38 mark. It features a dragon flying over the show’s title card before revealing Dany approaching with Ser Jorah at her saide. Sansa then greets Jon and Daenerys, saying “Winterfell is yours, Your Grace.” The Lady of Winterfell averts her eyes briefly before looking at Dany, who nods at her.

Brienne of Tarth is seen over Sansa’s shoulder and she has a very peculiar look on her face. Is it concern? Is it disagreement? It’s hard to tell. Jon isn’t giving anything away, but we know he bent the knee to Dany on the ship, a moment that led to the consummation of their relationship.

The scene is important because it reveals that the group is at Winterfell. We have to assume that Tyrion and Varys are also there, and this might be the moment they all learn that Arya has returned to Winterfell and that she and Sansa killed Litterfinger once and for all.

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There is currently no release date for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones beyond the fact that it will be sometime in April 2019. It’s hard to imagine the flagship show ending, even amid the prospect of spinoffs in the near future to keep the franchise going.  Nevertheless it’s exciting that the show is returning soon.