HBO releases three teasers for Watchmen series


HBO released three teasers for its upcoming Watchmen series.

It’s been ten years since the live-action adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel but later this year fans will come face to face with a live-action series produced by HBO. The series promises new elements introduced into the Watchmen story and with the teasers recently released many are pondering what we’ll be watching in the HBO Watchmen series?

Three separate teasers were re-released on the series Instagram page from the overall 2019 HBO promotional teaser that aired last night. While the teasers mix in a lot of the newer elements for the series, some elements were familiar to fans of the franchise.

One in particular that stood out was Jeremy Irons, who will be playing Ozymandias in the series. His bold statement “It’s only just begun” is a very foreboding statement considering it hasn’t been made clear when the events of HBO’s Watchmen actually take place. The only potential hint we have toward answering that question comes in the other familiar element, the character Rorschach who died at the end of original Watchmen story.

Recently in DC comics however, specifically the ongoing Doomsday Clock publication, another Rorschach has appeared and has essentially picked up the mantle that was left by the original, which may explain why there is a notable difference in Rorschach’s wardrobe. What has people guessing the most is the inclusion of apparent new characters and concepts, such as two men, one in a gold mask the other in a red mask, and what seems to be a police force that all wears yellow masks.

Last, there is also a photo on that Instagram page that emphasizes what seems to be a woman who has been pulled over by a few yellow masked officers. Could she also be a known member of the Watchmen or a new character for the series entirely?

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While these teasers definitely pose more questions than answers there are a lot of elements that help build the hype for the upcoming HBO Watchmen seriesWith stars like Regina King and Jeremy Irons, ten episodes already announced, and now these new teasers the series is building itself up quite well for a fresh take on the popular franchise.