Aquaman becomes highest grossing movie in the DCEU


Aquaman has become the highest earner at the foreign box office for DC Films since The Dark Knight.

Aquaman, the underwater adventure film directed by James Wan, is the greatest earner at the box office, per Entertainment Weekly, within the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). There is no denying it. As of this writing, the latest film of the franchise sits at $943 million worldwide.

Despite being the underdog in terms of the triathlon of superheroes, the Jason Momoa headliner managed to gain a warm reception from audiences. In fact, an approximate of 75 percent of the film’s revenue comes from international box office sales, while merely just below 30 percent make up the domestic portion of its revenue. The highest percentage overseas from the DCEU overall, which is more popular — earnings wise — than even The Dark Knight.

With the movie featuring the King of Atlantis about to clear its fourth weekend at the box office, having raised over $31 million from last weekend, reaching a domestic tally of $260 million against its $683.2 million foreign box office gross, it could be the first DCEU IP to be granted access to the billion dollar club. Aquaman is currently the second-biggest superhero film in China, grossing $279 million behind Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

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Now, whereas Aquaman was by far the highest earner internationally, while it did well domestically, Batman v Superman is the clear winner in this category with $330 million and $873 million overall. Even Wonder Woman with $412 million, despite its worldwide gross of $821 million. So far, the latter film was by far the best received by critics while Aquaman’s was mixed to positive. While the visuals were stunning, its direction and voice conveyed and its structure well placed, the dialogue was very on the nose at points and its plot very contrived. Our full review can be found here. Next up is Shazam!