Comic book storylines we won’t see in Netflix’s Marvel shows

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Moon Knight

Some characters are just perfect for Netflix. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Punisher are prime examples. Moon Knight is a little bit of them all. He’s a brutal as Daredevil, he does detective-like work like Jessica Jones, and he’s willing to kill like the Punisher. Moon Knight would have been the crown jewel of the Marvel Netflix shows. Since it seems like there won’t be anymore Netflix Marvel shows with them getting canceled them left and right, we won’t see the crazy and violent Moon Knight series we deserve.

Moon Knight could be a movie, but the origin of his character works better as a TV show. There are parts of his life that would take more than a little while to get into. Just his time almost dying and becoming Khonshu’s avatar is an episode in itself. Then there are the moments where he’s switching from one personality to the next. Things like this deserve time not given in a two-hour movie. Once he’s established he would make a great movie. Hopefully his debut won’t be rushed and handled properly.