X-Men: Marvel plans to revisit Kitty and Colossus’ wedding


Marvel Comics will revisit the X-Men marriage that never happened.

Kitty Pryde and Colossus have had an on again off again relationship for decades. For some reason they couldn’t finalize things. Colossus died, Kitty was out of the country or flying in a bullet across the universe, Colossus was possessed by the Phoenix Force or Cyttorak, and a few other things. In X-Men Gold, it looked like they were finally going to get married. In typical X-Men fashion, something happened to ruin their moment. This time, it wasn’t one of their enemies.

Colossus’ sister Magik had a talk with Kitty and gave Kitty doubts about marrying her brother. This led to Kitty getting cold feet and phasing when Colossus tried to put the ring on Kitty’s finger.

The good news was there was a wedding that day. Two X-Men who’ve had a similar on again off again relationship. After a conversation with Storm, Gambit decided he didn’t want to spend another day not being married to Rogue. He proposed and with Colossus and Kitty’s blessing about using their day, Gambit and Rogue got married (leading to Mr. and Mrs. X).

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

It’s been a few months since this happened and it looks like this isn’t the end of the relationship between Kitty and Colossus. During the This Week in Marvel podcast, Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski said that they aren’t done with this storyline. C.B. said,

"Kitty and Colossus were supposed to get married, that was the plan. We were in the room, we were talking about it, and we were moving onto the next topic, and it was Donny Cates who said, ‘You know guys, wait, what if…?’ And he’s the one who threw it out there. And we percolated on it for a while and we ran it by Marc Guggenheim who was like, ‘That would be absolutely amazing, but can we keep it secret?’ And we worked all the magic based on one idea where a creator just threw it out secondhand at a retreat and it changed the course of the X-Men publishing plan for six, seven, eight months.”"

C.B. said something that will make you want to revisit the X-Men Gold series. “Spoilers for something coming up. There was a secret in that issue that we have never revealed.” What could that mean? Did Marvel pulled a move from The Office and Kitty Pryde and Colossus got married before they got back to the party and didn’t tell anyone? Maybe they’re keeping it hidden and that’s why they aren’t currently on the same team and have been spending time apart. One thing that didn’t seem right while they were getting married is that Wolverine wasn’t there.

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During their wedding issue, we saw Wolverine on a rooftop watching the limos drive and say, “Godspeed, kids. Be good to each other.” It was a sweet moment, but Logan is very important to Kitty. He should be involved in their wedding in some fashion. It’s possible that Wolverine intervened and talked them into getting married and gave them away. Which would definitely upset all of the X-Men if Kitty knew something about Logan and didn’t tell anyone.