The Punisher season 2 trailer breakdown and why there’ll be a season 3

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Marvel’s The Punisher Source: Netflix Media Center

Billy Russo returns as (not) Jigsaw

In the final fight scene between Punisher and his former friend Billy Russo, Frank mutilated Russo’s face with a mirror. Comic book fans immediately knew that this was the birth of Punisher’s arch-nemesis Jigsaw. We also knew that he would be a villain in the future. The trailer showed Russo with the scars he received from the fight, but not as mutilated as we’ve seen him in the comics. reported that Russo won’t be going by his comic book name Jigsaw. Actor Billy Barnes told,

"“You see Billy become the word that I’m still not allowed to say, apparently,”"

When asked if he wasn’t allowed to say Jigsaw, Barnes said

"“No, I pride myself on never having said the word yet outside of doing a puzzle at home. I respect Marvel’s wishes to the letter.”"

This will continue with Marvel Netflix’s trend on not using characters made-up names (as Spider-Man called them in Avengers: Infinity War). For example, Davos wasn’t called the Steel Serpent in Iron Fist and Wilson Fisk wasn’t directly called the Kingpin. This may seem like a weird thing to do, but it distinguishes that there is a distinct difference between the characters in the comics to the one on the show. A subtle but intriguing move for Marvel.

A new twist is that Russo will have a group of people at his command. Since Russo was military, this makes sense. He’s used to ordering people and sending them into battle. Now that he has another mission (revenge on Frank Castle), he may be going back into a military state of mind. It’ll be great to see what he does with them and how Punisher stops them.