Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 4 review


Spider-Gwen returns in another issue filled with an amazing story. Here is our review for the story. Watch out for spoilers ahead!

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider No. 4 marks the return of Gwen Stacy and all other heroes that were around during the Spider-Geddon event. The issue brings the aftermath of Spider-Geddon. The story begins with Spider-Men and Spider-Women saying goodbye to Karn (who died in Spider-Geddon). This was heartbreaking for both Spider-Men and Spider-Women (and Spider-Animals as well).

The story in this issue filled with emotions. The dead characters are given respect in this issue. The likes of Spider-Man Noir, Spider-UK and Karn are well-respected and given a good farewell to. Gwen Stacy works alone to tell the family of the Spider-Men that died during Spider-Geddon about their death.

The most heartbreaking part in this issue is of Spider-Man Noir. Even though Aunt May rejects to call Peter a hero, Mary Jane still sort of believes but the painful scene is when Gwen tells Felicia Hardy (of Spider-Man Noir’s world) about Peter’s death. The scene is deep and truly filled with a lot of sadness.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 4 (Credits: Marvel Comics)

One of the best scenes in the story was of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Gwen was at the graveyard of Spider-UK crying when Peter comes in. They both share a hug and Peter calms her down. Peter reminds her of the time when he told her he’s got her back and she is glad to know that. This scene is amazing not only because we have a short moment of Peter and Gwen together but also because the emotions they share is fantastically handled by the writers.

Since the beginning of Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, the story for me has been well developed and this issue made it even better. Overall, Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider No. 4 ends the Spider-Geddon event in an amazing way. Spider-Geddon No. 5 marked the final battle of Spider-Men and Spider-Women against the Inheritors. Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider ends up the whole Spider-Geddon event in the best way possible.

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Score: 9.5/10

The story is filled with emotions such as sadness and is truly deep, emotional, and sort of comforting. Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider No. 4 is amazing in every way possible. The story is one of the best stories so far in 2019 even though it has just begun. If you haven’t read the new Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider comic, I recommend you reading this comic, it is really amazing.