Watch Gotham season 5, episode 3 trailer


Harley Quinn and The Mutants make their long-awaited debuts in next week’s episode of Gotham, but before they do, check out the trailer for “Penguin, Our Hero.”

Gotham‘s fifth and final season is well underway now and, as we saw once again in this week’s installment, the city is in dire straits. With major sectors of the city all belonging to opposing factions and The Penguin putting a bounty on the head of Gotham’s hero, things are continuing to go from bad to worse in No Man’s Land.

However, with Bruce Wayne always fighting the good fight and now, the birth of Catwoman, things have taken an interesting turn. And it appears that they’re going to continue turning in next week’s episode. Check out the trailer below:

The episode, titled “Penguin, Our Hero”, will focus primarily on the reinvigorated Selina who, with her new cat-like abilities, decides to exact revenge on the man who paralyzed her — Jeremiah Valeska. However, as all of us Bat-fans know by now, behind every unhinged Joker is a devoted Harley, and that is certainly the case in Gotham as, after all these years, we finally see the debut of Harley Quinn.

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But judging by the trailer, Harley isn’t the only Batman character that surfaces, as Bruce and Selina end up confronting The Mutants. The Mutants are, of course, best known for their appearance in Frank Miller’s legendary novel The Dark Knight Returns, which saw an aged Batman take on their barbaric leader. That leader, however, seems to end up on the wrong end of Selina who, in next week’s outing, unleashes her new strength, stamina and, well, claws on him.

Without a doubt, “Penguin, Our Hero” is set to be a huge episode. Gotham may be in the midst of the No Man’s Land, but nobody said it was off-limits to a Catwoman, and next week Selina Kyle will take the fight to anyone who stands between her and Jeremiah — even if your name is Harley Quinn.

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Gotham returns to Fox next Thursday, January 17, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Are you excited to see Harley Quinn? Will Selina get to Jeremiah? Let us know in the comments below!