The Punisher: What season 2 needs to be successful

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix from Marvel’s The Punisher

Faster pace

There’s one major complaint that a lot of viewers had. The show moved too slow. As a fan of the character, I thought the pace was fine. The show moved like an issue of The Punisher. He was methodical with his moves, calculated with his attacks, and then struck like a cobra. Since I’m not the majority of the people watching, adjustments have to be made.

In order for this season to work the pace has to be sped up. That doesn’t mean that there has to be a ton of brutal killing from the minute the show starts (although it couldn’t hurt). What we need are fewer moments that drag out. Once the deed is done, move on. Every kill doesn’t have to be followed by a long speech.

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Also, while the Punisher is a very serious character, it should have more levity. Judging by the bloody money moment from the trailer, there will be more jokes and banter this time around.