More is revealed in Return of Wolverine No. 4: Judgment


The return of Wolverine continues and gives the readers some answers, but even more questions.

Return of Wolverine No. 4

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Declan Shalvey

Cover artist: Steve McNiven & Sunny Gho

So far, Wolverine has fought everyone from enemies we thought were dead, random goons, and some of his fellow X-Men. Logan still doesn’t remember who he is and that appears to not have changed in this issue.

This issue begins with Wolverine tied to a hospital bed. The confusing part is the previous issue ended with Wolverine about to attack Jean Grey. Ana explains that the X-Men went running after Wolverine attacked them. She also said that Wolverine was exhausted after the fight saying was like his claws going hot took the life out of him. Wolverine gets up and says they have to find Ana’s son. Ana reveals that her son was safe because of Logan.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Ana tells Logan she’s thankful for everything that he’s done to keep their city safe. Ana randomly goes into a story about how all the people there do are sleep, work, only to dream and repeat the cycle. After she finishes the story, she says that the story was about him and shoots her son. Logan reaches out and takes the gun only to see Ana’s son get up again as nothing happened. Ana says that it’s not really her son and that she isn’t Ana. As she says that, one of the Soteira goons comes in and shoots Wolverine with a giant spike that unleashes shackles that bind him to the wall.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Logan finally figures out that Ana was Persephone this whole time. However,  Ana is really dead and Persephone is using her body to lead Logan on this entire time. Persephone explains that she is a mutant with the power to bring the dead back to life. She used this city as proof that the dead could run a perfect city because the dead do as they’re told.

Persephone also reveals to Logan that the X-Men were his closest friends, but maybe not anymore since he tried to kill them. After she persuaded the X-Men to leave, Logan was in such a rage that he killed (Well, I guess kind of killed) one-third of the population before he calmed down. Persephone finishes by saying that if he wants more answers to come see her in person. Logan begrudgingly agrees and says he knows how this all ends. Somebody dies.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

This issue was more about Persephone than anything else and it was needed. There has been so much mystery with her that it was refreshing to find out more about her. Even if it was a small amount. With what we’ve learned so far, it was a perfect lead in to the final issue.

Cut to the chase

  • If Persephone can bring people back from the dead, did she resurrect Logan? If so, why isn’t he completely mindless like the others?
  • Is Persephone all bad or is she a victim of her powers. She seemed sad when she said death was the only friend she had.
  • The issue ended with Logan approaching a spaceship. Where exactly is Persephone?
  • Will Logan get his memories back? If so, do we go back to Wolverine having a fractured memory?
  • Will the final issue have an appearance of Cyclops? He is on the new team after all.

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Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned to see what happens in the final issue of Return of Wolverine.