Five X-Men series that would be perfect for Disney Plus

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

5. Iceman and Angel

A miniseries following these two  X-Men is gold. For starters, Marvel opted to give them a comic book run titled Iceman and Angel. It made sense, after all, they are two of the coolest X-Men, pun intended. Bobby Drake is a bit of a bad boy with a lot of swag and oozes charisma. Moreover, in the pages of Marvel Comics, he’s also come out. And the MCU has started to increase its representation of the LGBTQ community.

Bobby was one of the original X-Men, but never really took to the hero lifestyle. He was the complete opposite of the mutant he helped recruit, Angel.

Angel, born Warren Worthington III was born wealthy. Before becoming a member of the X-Men, he was the Avenging Angel. Unlike, Bobby, he bathed in the spoils of being a hero. However, he left the X-Men team to pursue a normal college life. Likewise, Bobby did the same.

A miniseries could follow these two during their time in college. Warren, still playing hero, while Bobby tries to live a normal life. Naturally things happen, forcing Bobby to display his powers and heroism.

The added bonus is these two also bump into Hercules and Ghost Rider. And the latter already exists in the MCU, having been played by Gabriel Luna on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Like with the reported Disney Plus series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, there’s an easy comedic dynamic that’ll work well.