Five X-Men series that would be perfect for Disney Plus

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1.  Gambit

For years, Channing Tatum’s Gambit floated in purgatory, but nothing ever metastasized. However, with Disney Plus, Gambit’s story can receive a proper platform.

As a thief and assassin, Gambit’s series could be like The Sopranos, Breaking Bard, Narcos, or Money Heist — with superpowers.

Before joining the X-Men, Gambit was a Louisiana native, taken in by an exiled sorcerer of the Thieves Guild. Given the name Remy, he was worshiped and thought to be the White Devil as prophesied.

Jean-Luc, a leader of the Thieves Guild would rescue an eight-year-old Remy and care for him. Remy’s powers didn’t manifest until he was 15. For a time, he worked as a thief, before he was caught and imprisoned for HYDRA’s use.

Remy, along with his friend, Etienne, escaped their captures by jumping over a cliff. Remy was the lone survivor. He returned home during the Thieve/Assassins Guild War.

However, his marriage to Bella was supposed to unite the factions. Unfortunately, both factions agreed to banish Remy after he kiled Bella’s brother in self-defense.

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He wondered the world eventually meeting a mutant Scalphunter, who introduced him to Mister Sinister. Gambit became indebted to Sinister after Sinister saved his life. In return, Gambit became the leader of The Marauders, a group of mutant assassins. The group who would later cause the Mutant Massacre.