Shazam: Director responds to high costs for the costumes


Director David F. Sandberg lays the groundwork of the costs for the super costumes in Shazam.

Oh, yes, it’s one of those topics. Ever wonder how much it costs to make your favorite superhero and their costumes they wear on the big screen get brought to life on the big screen? Here is how. Well, according to a costume designer named Leah Butler, it costs $1 million per costume to make as reported by Comic Book Resources. That is the costume that Zachary Levi wears in the role of Shazam. The director of the Shazam! movie responded to the designer’s claims on social-media via Twitter.


This is not as surprising as one might think for in the small screen on action and heroic–based shows on the CW network for like The Flash, the art department craft multiple suits each season for Grant Gustin as Barry Allen A.K.A The Flash. Even during season 1, there were at least three different versions of the same suit that the producers use throughout the majority of each season. Colleen Atwood, the costume designer on the show, who also provided costumes for actors on Arrow, designed a functional suit in which Gustin can act on set.

Atwood was replaced by Maya Mani season 2 onwards to make slight changes to The Flash suit, including the white crest with the yellow lightning bolt symbol.

As mentioned previously, making design choices on suits for super-powered characters are expensive and challenging. The different suits that have been made for Shazam! would be of no surprise on a big scale production such as this. All the little adjustments made to make it look appealing on camera is so they can make the best out of the actor’s performance while using another suit, specifically for VFX and CG, the end product is crisp and fluid frame by frame on screen.

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Shazam! stars Asher Angel and Zachary Levi in the dual role of Billy Batson and Shazam, Mark Strong as Doctor Sivana, Djimon Hounsou as the wizard of the same name as the lead, and also stars Grace Fulton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Faithe Herman and David J. MacNeil. David F. Sandberg will direct from a screenplay by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke. Peter Safran will produce for New Line Cinema, The Safran Company and Rat Pac Entertainment under the DC Films banner while Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute. It is set for release April. 5.