The Batman: Rumored details start to solidify


Any Matt Reeves Batman update is a good update. Unless you’re hoping for Ben Affleck’s return. In this case, you may proceed with caution.

Talking about Warner Bros. and Walter Hamada’s direction regarding Matt Reeves’ Batman is a touchy subject. There’s no doubt that fans are excited about Batman’s future in the DCEU. However, with that excitement comes great confusion.

For starters, no one really knows what’s happening with Ben Affleck’s status as Batman. There’s no shortage of supporters, so the idea that he’s not part of Reeves’ plans is disappointing to some. After all, he was heavily involved during the early stages of the solo film before Reeves took over.

As a matter of fact, The Batman was Affleck’s title. According to Super Bro Movies’ Daniel Richtman, Reeves’ isn’t keeping the title. But the nuggets from Richtman don’t stop there.

According to the comic book movie insider, it’s confirmed that Bruce Affleck is officially out. Along with Bruce Wayne, both Jim Gordon and Alfred are all getting replaced — likely with younger actors. Oh, and expect a female lead to join a 20-30 something-year-old Bruce Wayne.

The news of a younger Bruce Wayne, supports long-standing theories — Reeves wants his own Batman. In fact, the current DCEU timeline allows for Reeves to tell an unseen history of Batman. While it doesn’t mean we’ll see an origin story; Reeves is undoubtedly exploring the early days of The Dark Knight.

Moreover, a younger Bruce naturally means a younger version of Alfred and Gordon. Jeremy Irons (70) played Alfred in Batman v Superman and Justice League. And if you blinked, you missed JK Simmons’ (64) Detective Gordon in Justice League. Although both actors were well received, it’s understandable that they won’t be part of Reeves’ vision.

Fans of Batman, especially those who follow Matt Reeves can safely assume its Selina Kyle. As a matter of fact, the rumor has consistently surrounded Reeves film since he signed on.

With plans for the DCEU to bring Gotham City Sirens to the big-screen the inclusion of Catwoman makes sense. What better way to introduce fans to Selina Kyle than through a Batman film? There are a number of talented actresses who’ll make a great Catwoman.

Selina is more of an anti-hero and the wife of Bruce in the comics. So, the villain of Reeves’ noir film is Penguin. At least one actor tossed his name in the hat, pun intended. The last time fans saw Penguin and Selina on the big screen was. Batman Returns. 

The other “unnamed” villain undoubtedly raises some eyebrows. There’s a connection between Penguin and the man who murdered Batman’s parents, Joe Chill.

Could Joe Chill be the mystery villain? After all, we could see Bruce looking for the man who murdered his parents.

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Reeves’ untitled Batman film begins filming in November, so we’ll likely have some casting news sooner rather than later.