The Punisher season 2, episode 11 review: The Abyss


How can Frank Castle survive another attack in the latest episode of The Punisher?

On The Punisher, after the events of “The Dark Hearts of Men” left Frank Castle reeling at the thought that he killed three innocent girls during the firefight with Billy Russo and his gang, stunned and in the hands of New York’s finest, what can he do?

We also finally got some backstory on the character of John Pilgrim. It would turn out the history that he turned his back on is far worse than was let on at the beginning of the season and that the smallest amount of the bloodshed would send him careening back to his old life. Now, onto Episode 11 of Season 2, The Abyss.

Is Dr. Dumont the real evil genius?

Throughout most of the season, you got this feeling that there was something driving Billy Russo more than just his need for revenge. That the skulls he saw in his dreams were a symbol that Dr. Dumont saw as a means to hatch some evil scheme, and for now, it would appear that’s the case.

Wait, what?

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Okay, it’s really hard to stay positive when things like this happen. They build up something that could be this amazing plot line in the continuing story between Frank Castle and Billy Russo. Russo has made Frank convinced that he has killed three innocent women while in a rage and it began to send Frank on this death trip. Basically giving up.

How was that resolved? Well, in 10 minutes, by Karen Page giving up a pair of shoes and a quick investigation of the dead bodies proved he had nothing to do with it. That was enough for him, and he was up and about the first chance he got.

Oh, and yes, I just mentioned Karen Page. Let’s talk about that next. But first, they let a prime chance to really dive into Frank’s psyche and see what makes The Punisher tick just float away into the ether.

More B-connectors

That’s right, Karen Page is back. That’s what they decided counts for a cameo from another superhero show that’s part of the Marvel Netflix Universe. They even mention Matt Murdock by name but we can’t be bothered with a Charlie Cox cameo, or even Elden Henson? No. Karen Page.

The Punisher show has always seemed like a last minute add-on to the universe that is currently dwindling. Adding a character like Matt Murdock or Foggy Nelson would only add some kind of gravitas to maybe booster viewings and not just depend on how much violence and bloodshed it can muster in 13 episodes.

Nothing against Karen Page as a character or against the actress, Deborah Ann Woll, who does a fine job with the material that she is given. No, this is more of an issue with pulling people in to watch the show. You have what is essentially a dying universe. Shows are getting canceled left and right and you need to put proverbial people in the seats. Karen isn’t the way to go.

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Let’s put this another way. You have two wrestlers in a locker room. Only one of them can be on the marquee to main event the big show. Do you pick Hulk Hogan or do you pick Tyler Breeze? You go with the Hulkster every time. Because you want folks to show up. I’m sorry, but Karen Page isn’t main eventing any time soon.