The Punisher: Grading the characters from season 2

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix from Marvel’s The Punisher

Billy Russo: C-

Billy Russo was just there. Sure, he had a few bad-ass moments, but he was forgettable for the most part. If Billy wasn’t beating someone up, talking to his goons, or shooting a gun he was useless and boring. For someone who was supposed to be the main antagonist, he had a pretty bad performance. We had no reason to care about him. This isn’t Ben Barnes’ fault. The execution was good, too bad the writing wasn’t. At the very least he should have been the B story instead of the A.

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Krista Dumont: F

There was nothing redeeming about Krista. First, her storyline was predictable from the beginning. You didn’t have to read the comics to see they were going for the Harley Quinn and Joker vibe. Second, she was completely forgettable. Other than her time with Dinah (who carried those scenes), Krista was bad. There’s no pleasure taken in saying how bad she was, but it’s the truth. Maybe next season (if there is one) she’ll be better when she takes over Billy’s legacy. It’s the only route to take.