Young Justice season 3, episode 10 review: Exceptional Human Beings


The latest episode of Young Justice: Outsiders is an action-packed showcase of the various heroes across the DC Universe.

The true “Outsiders” of Young Justice have been revealed, as it’s now clear that Grayson’s team, the Justice League and Batman Incorporated are working together. With this, the various groups are set on ending the metahuman trafficking epidemic. However, there’s another mystery that must still be solved and in “Exceptional Human Beings,” one team takes on the task.

Mission to Santa Prisca

The search for Tara Markov is on, and Batman and two members of his team, Katana and Metamorpho, head to Santa Prisca to track down the League of Shadows. When they arrive, Batman breaks off from the rest and the others head off on their own. Additionally, due to the mission being a black op, none of the characters speak, which makes for an interesting dynamic and shows just how in sync this group is.

Katanna and Metamorpho soon encounter Lady Shiva and trail her and a student to a giant facility, where Batman takes over. Here, the student is revealed to be Cassandra Savage, and both she and Shiva are met by the Shadows’ new leader, Deathstroke. And it turns out, Tara Markov was  with the Shadows and (Savage’s roommate) before she “washed out,” and now, she’s with Granny Goodness.

Eventually, Batman’s cover is blown when he encounters a de-venomed, but still powerful, Bane. Katana and Metamorpho soon arrive but are met by Deathstroke and Shiva. Shiva and Katana face off in a dual, while Metamorpho handles Deathstroke. The fights end in stalemates, and Batman’s team leaves, but not before blowing up Bane’s guns.

This story was a nice way to introduce Katana and Metamorpho. Even without much dialogue from them, we still understand these characters just through their actions. The fight sequences were also well done. In terms of Tara Markov, it’s safe to assume that Granny doesn’t have any good plans for her.

School is Still in Session

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Dick Grayson is still working with Geo-Force, Halo and Forager, and the three new heroes continue to improve. Brion and Violet are also getting closer, which isn’t surprising. Still, Brion is getting even more impatient, regarding his sister’s rescue. Of course, he’s still not ready to take on the League of Shadows, a point Nightwing brings up. He also hints to Brion that the situation is already being handled (clearly). Violet is also settling into her civilian life, with Artemis formally enrolling her in high school. She also takes on the surname Harper on Will’s suggestion. There wasn’t much to this story in terms of actual character development, but it did showcase one of the things Young Justice does best — provide nice character moments.

Family Matters

While Halo, Artemis, and Will are making plans, the group is being watched by Jade/Chesire. Will excuses himself and meets her outside. Will wants her to rejoin him and their daughter, Lian, but Jade still thinks they’re better off without her. With this, she says goodbye, seemingly leaving forever. It’s unclear how this story will pan out, but there’s a good chance it may not have a happy ending.

Meet Victor Stone

If you’re a fan with keen hearing, you likely caught the reference to Victor Stone/Cyborg in “Evolution.” Well, Stone made his formal debut in this episode, and his circumstances line up almost directly with the comics. He’s a star athlete, who’s admired by his peers and alienated by his father, Silas. Part of Silas’ inattentiveness stems from his work with a Father Box, given to him by the Justice League.

Based on this episode, and the reveal from DC Universe, Cyborg is on his way to Young Justice, and it could happen very soon. Silas’ work with the Father Box will no doubt play a role in his creation, like in the DCEU. But what will Victor’s path to the team be? And on a completely different note, when did Hal Jordan get so old?

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Overall, “Exceptional Human Beings” is a strong episode of Young Justice, and while it does contain a lot of set-up, it’s thoroughly entertaining. And with only a few episodes until the midseason finale, something big is undoubtedly on the way.