Arrow season 7, episode 11 live stream: Watch online


Arrow uncovered a shocking revelation for Oliver Queen in last Monday’s midseason return. With that completed, what will happen in “Past Sins”? A look at how to watch season 7, episode 11 online.

Arrow waited six weeks, but viewers saw a full episode of Oliver Queen’s long lost half-sister, Emiko, who became the second Green Arrow. She appeared as Oliver was imprisoned for being the original Emerald Archer.

“My Name is Emiko Queen” shattered everything Oliver thought he knew. Thea was always his lone sister, but even she had Malcolm Merlyn as her father, following a relationship with Moira.

Now, with Thea out of the picture, Oliver has another sister to learn about. He discovered Emiko’s identity midway through this episode, only to meet her as the episode ended.

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What’s next? “Past Sins” sounds like a clue towards the impending events, which may feature Oliver learning more of his father, Robert, who had this secret life, lover, and daughter.

What kind of dynamic will Oliver and Emiko have? Two Green Arrows exist in Star City, so will it become a sibling rivalry? Is a dark path ahead for Emiko? There’s much to learn of this show’s future, given its fresh take on the Queen Family drama that has reappeared.

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Details on how to watch season 7, episode 11 of Arrow are below, including the start time, TV info, live stream and more:

Date: Monday, Jan. 28
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Season: 7
Episode: 11 “Past Sins”
TV info: The CW
Live stream:

“Past Sins” will return on The CW, with a stream of this episode available on Tuesday, Jan. 28, on The previous five episodes can already be found on there, ready for everyone to watch.

It should be another interesting saga for Oliver as he discovers more of his past. What will transpire in this latest episode?