Birds of Prey film teases first look at the cast


The upcoming Birds of Prey film has released its first teaser, giving some insight into how the cast will look in their new roles.

The upcoming Birds of Prey film has been surfacing bits and pieces of information around the internet recently, from the title Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), to the major cast members, and even the synopsis promising a Harley Quinn story where she breaks away from the Joker and finds herself teaming up with a few heroes for a change.

In the recently released teaser we’re finally given a good look at how each of the cast will look in the film, outside of Harley herself who was shown back in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Though each of the shots are quick the teaser actually gives a pretty good look into the tone for the film when looking over the specific shots and wardrobe for the characters.

The most notable aspect would probably be the grittier tone of all the characters, minus Harley who seems to be enjoying herself in the trailer. This seems to track well with all the snippets we’ve seen of Gotham currently in the DC Extended Universe so far. As all these characters seem rather wayward and darker in tone.

This tone is further enhanced by individual shots of Cassandra Cain wearing a cast with many vulgar insults written all over it as well as Renee Montoya chugging a bottle of alcohol. These shots along with the cinematography help to show that the film is likely to earn its R-rating.

There are also a few allusions to signature aspects of certain characters; such as the shots of Black Canary behind a microphone, a few opening shots of Harley with her mallet and baseball bat. as well as Huntress with her crossbow.

Serial killer Victor Zsasz and Crime Lord Black Mask seem the most average in the trailer as the two look mostly well composed and don’t share any notable resemblance to their comic counterparts. However, this could be a good thing to keep under wraps for now as both characters are known for their brutality.

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Last to talk about is the line that pops up at the end of the teaser “See You Soon.” The Birds of Prey film is slated to come out in February of 2020, making it  just over a year away at this point. Which is a pretty long time to imply that we’ll be seeing Harley soon. It’s more likely that this line refers to the upcoming release of the film’s first trailer, teasing that it is due to release sooner than we think.