Black Lightning season 2, episode 11 review: Prodigal son


The fate of Khalil, Jennifer is getting stronger, and Jefferson put more trust in Bill Henderson. All this and more in this episode of Black Lighting.

Previously in, Black Lightning, we finally find out what Tobias told Todd what he needed him for. The briefcase that Ms. Fowdy was looking for in Tobias’ house is locked and he needs it opened. It has information on everything from the A.S.A. dating back 30 years. After Lynn Pierce finds where Jennifer and Khalil were hiding, she yelled out to Jennifer that the family isn’t the same without her. They both go back to the Pierce’s household and Jefferson talks Khalil to turning himself in and Khali agrees since he’s a danger to Jennifer.

Khalil is caught by Cutter but not before killing the people who transported him. The episode ends with Tobias ripping out the implant that allowed Khalil to walk and leaving him for dead and Todd breaking pass the briefcases firewall.

Another amazing opening

These episodes always start off intensely. This one was no different. Jeremiah Holt starts preaching saying that they can’t depend on anyone including Black Lightning. This is definitely going to get the people of Freeland riled up. Before he could finish service he faints. As the church approaches him, we see Cutter in the crowd. She poisoned him on Tobias’ order, finishing what Khalil couldn’t start.

This wasn’t even the most dramatic part. Khalil was in the hospital recovering when he asked Jefferson to do something Jefferson has debated on for years. Khalil asked him to kill Tobias. With everything he’s put Tobias through and the possibility that he could kill Jennifer since he knows she was with him.

Jeremiah Holt wasn’t killed. Cutter wasn’t told to kill him, just torture him a bit. Tobias is still all about finishing what he started. He gave him an ultimatum and he chose not to leave. A little heart attack may do the trick. Cutter’s creativity using a poison handkerchief was brilliant.

Tobias and Dr. Jace

Todd finds a recording of Dr. Jace getting slapped by Lynn on security footage of the Pod Kid experiments. Tobias takes interest in it and he doesn’t look happy. Tobias also notices that Jace hasn’t aged in 30 years. The kicker is when Todd tells her that she is supposed to be in jail. Tobias wonders why she’s here in Freeland, to begin with.

It was only a matter of time before Tobias found out about her. Not only did she experiment on him as a kid, but she experimented on herself as well. She created the serum that keeps her and Tobias young.

Here’s the kicker: Tobias can forgive her for her past transgressions if she’ll work with him. If she gets to run her experiments on live subjects, she’ll be more than happy to get back to work in the service of Tobias. Especially if it gets her out of jail. Also, Lynn is on that footage. Yet another thing that ties in Jefferson’s family in with Black Lightning.

Jennifer’s Powers getting stronger

Jennifer’s powers are getting stronger. She had so much power that her father couldn’t absorb it all. If not for the intervention of Perenna, Jennifer may have exploded in public. Who knows what kind of damage or fatalities that would have caused. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

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Later, Jennifer literally looked inside Khalil’s body and saw how the electricity in his body was killing him. Jennifer then came up with an amazing idea. Put Khalil in the pods where the Green Light kids were. If they survived for 30 years, he could survive until they found a way to help him.

It seems like every few episodes we find out more and more about Jennifer’s powers. Her powers may even be greater than Black Lightning. We already know that Jennifer eventually puts on a costume and becomes a hero, but what else can she do? With Gambi’s help she may become the most powerful meta we’ve seen.

Lightning Round

  • Where is Tobias keeping the briefcase? He was smart enough not to keep it in the safe. Easy money says it’s behind the portrait of his sister.
  • Will Deputy Chief Bill Henderson turn Gambi and Jefferson in once he’s gotten what he wants? Jefferson took a big chance telling him everything.
  • What’s going to happen with Dr. Jace? Will Tobias get her out of jail to help him work? It looks like that, but Todd said this is a night rental.
  • How will Jennifer react to the death of Khalil? This will be the biggest moment of her life to date. There’s no way she doesn’t blame her father for talking Khalil into giving himself up.
  • Todd seems all in on what Tobias is doing. Is there anything that can happen that will change his mind?

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Black Lightning will return for another episode on Monday, Feb. 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.