25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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10. Colleen Wing

It says quite a lot about the first season of Iron Fist that Danny Rand wasn’t the most interesting character in the show. Colleen Wing was far and away the best character. She is initially introduced as a karate instructor trying to make an honest living, but when Danny Rand stumbles into her life, it’s safe to say it changes forever.

Danny stumbles into the Chikara Dojo and meets Colleen. Their relationship starts off on rocky ground as Danny criticizes her teaching methods, but she soon warms to him and helps him adapt back into life in New York City. From then on, the two become companions who investigate the clandestine actions of Rand Enterprises and learn the truth about it being a front for Gao’s heroin organisation.

Colleen was taken in by the Hand as a child and became a capable martial artist. When Danny discovers this, he’s horrified that someone he cares about could be part of his sworn enemies. Danny helps her realize the evil of the Hand and she defects and helps him defeat them, both in Iron Fist and as part of The Defenders.

In Season Two, Colleen attempts to put her vigilante actions behind her until she discovers a box with a symbol she recognizes. This sets her on a path towards fighting Davos alongside Danny once more. After Davos takes the Iron Fist from Danny, they plot a way to get it back. However, instead of Danny, they decide to give Colleen the power of the fist.