25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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7. Luke Cage

Carl Lucas is Harlem’s hometown hero. A man with unbreakable skin who’s softly-spoken and very calm most of the time. He’s a reluctant hero and doesn’t want to cause any trouble or get himself sent back to prison. But if he sees something wrong in his neighborhood, he can’t help himself.

He first appears in Jessica Jones as a bartender that hooks up with the troubled PI. But, as ever with Jessica, things weren’t as simple as they seemed. It turned out that she was involved in the murder of Luke’s wife, Reeva and the relationship was derailed. One she was able to convince him that she wasn’t herself when Reeva was murdered (she was acting under the influence of Kilgrave), Luke tried to help her again.

After leaving Jessica, he returned to Harlem to try and live a quiet life. But that was never going to happen once he became involved with Cottonmouth. After Cottonmouth had Pops murdered, Cage made it his mission to take down the crime lord and eventually became a vigilante. The people of Harlem loved him because he stood up for the little people. Using his unbreakable skin and super strength, he travelled throughout the city taking down gangs and drug dealers.

Luke’s powers gain the attention of Diamondback, his former friend, who wants to kill him. He develops a bullet that is capable of penetrating Luke’s skin and also creates a bodysuit that mimics his powers. Luke defeats him and then has to take on the Jamaican gangster, Bushmaster, who seeks to take control of Harlem.