25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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4. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a private investigator who doesn’t really want any hassle, she just wants a simple life and to be left alone. But for some reason, she always ends up in trouble. Really, she just wants to do her job and get paid at the end of the day, but it’s never that simple with her.

As a child, Jessica was involved in a car accident that killed her family; she was the only survivor. When she awoke, she was taken in by Dorothy Walker and developed a friendship with her daughter, Trish. Shortly after, she discovered that she had acquired superhuman abilities and, after encouragement from Trish, decided to pursue a career as a superhero.

This led her to meet Kilgrave, a man with mind-controlling powers. It was here that Jessica’s life changed completely. Kilgrave kept Jessica under his control and mentally tortured her, using her as both a sex slave and a superpowered enforcer. When she eventually broke free of his control, she was left with post-traumatic stress disorder.

When Kilgrave returned to her life, Jessica felt that she had to do everything in her power to stop him as she couldn’t allow another woman to go through the same things she did. This leads to her taking the decision to snap Kilgrave’s neck.

Her trauma increases further in Season Two when she discovers that her mother is alive. Jessica goes on a journey with her to try and quell her murderous tendencies. Unfortunately, she was unable to and Trish Walker shot her mother in the head.