25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

Marvel's The Defenders.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Marvel's The Defenders.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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20. James Wesley

The trusted right hand of Wilson Fisk, he would do anything that his boss asked. Wesley was a complex character who seemed to be harmless but was actually cold and calculating. He often behaved arrogantly and with a belief that he was above other people but would stop at nothing to fulfil Fisk’s wishes.

While outsiders saw him as Fisk’s lap-dog, Wesley himself considered the Kingpin to be his friend. As such, if anyone disrespected Fisk, Wesley was quick to correct them. He took care of anything his boss desired and because he considered himself a friend, he even delved into Fisk’s personal life. While others were sceptical of Fisk’s relationship with Vanessa, Wesley encouraged it and did everything he could to help the relationship prosper.

He was the face of Fisk’s business empire before Fisk became a public figure, so had plenty of dealings with shady clients. This gave him the belief that he was above others but also allowed him to remain professional during all clandestine acts.

His loyalty to his boss would prove to be his undoing. Wesley is tasked with interrogating Karen Page because she’s working with Ben Urich to investigate the Kingpin. While doing so, a momentary lapse in concentration when Fisk calls him allows Page to take his gun and fire six shots into his chest.