25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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18. Jeri Hogarth

When we first meet Jeri Hogarth, we discover that she’s a lawyer who hired Jessica Jones to get information about a client. She clearly respects Jessica and knows that she will get the job done in ways that other private investigators won’t necessarily think of. Hogarth works from her own firm and is clearly a resourceful person; she’s not afraid to use unorthodox methods to win cases.

She prioritizes winning over everything, whether in business or her personal life. As a result, this makes her seem cold to others. Ultimately, she looks out for herself and her only interest is her own success. However, this also makes her quite susceptible to manipulation. For example, during her divorce, she chooses to accept Kilgrave’s offer to give her an easy way out.

Though she’s extremely successful in her professional life, Hogarth’s personal life is much rockier. As already mentioned, she goes through a divorce during Jessica Jones Season One after she cheats on her wife with her younger assistant. Because of her cold persona, she finds it difficult to maintain friendships.

This is particularly apparent during Season Two when she is diagnosed with ALS. As she has nobody to turn to, she ends up facing this life-altering disease by herself. Slowly, she comes to realize that pushing everyone away won’t help and she has to open up and let others in. However, her mind remains as strong as ever and she fights to set up her own law firm.