Deadly Class season 1, episode 3 review: Snake Pit


Deadly Class livens it up in the third episode.


For those who haven’t been watching, Deadly Class is a show about a high-school for assassins, based off the bestselling comics from Rick Remender and Wes Craig. Kids from different criminal organizations’ families go to school to learn how to be trained in the deadly arts. The main character, Marcus, played by Benjamin Wadsworth, is from the streets, however. Plot twist! It’s a pretty good show. It’s got Henry Rollins in it. So far, there’s been some parties and some hobo-killing, and some poison classes, and overall it’s thematically very similar to the comics, obviously. So, if you are into faithful representations of comic book properties, this show is doing a great job at it.

DEADLY CLASS — “Snake Pit” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Hickson as Petra, Sean Depner a Viktor — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Deadly Class shows school..spirit?

Last episode was all whole bunch of action at a party at Shabnam’s. Good stuff. This episode starts out with a cartoon flashback of Marcus and the scarred guy. Marcus and Willie play some dated video games, Shabnam delivers some comedy, we learn about the “rat” terminology, all the outcast children are rats, being the first of their families to attend. The hazing is, in a school for assassins, appropriate. Blow Dart Workshop is a pretty cool scene, learning how to do that would be cool. The Communist and Petra also have a good scene together. Henry Rollins is back as instructor Jurgen Denke in Poison Class, where Brandy gives Petra a hard time. And a dude gets infected with poison. Rollins and Wadsworth have a scene where the teacher warns the pupil to learn and get out before finals. Willie acts tough in front of his crew instead of being cool with Marcus. Chico pulls a vicious prank at lunchtime. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at that pranking stuff.

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Deadly Class teaches valuable lessons

Chico once again is a creep, giving Maria an intimidating time. The mail delivery scene is also a good one, everyone gets pranked, and it’s real good. Denke attempts to resign, and Rollins gives us some more good acting. French Stewart is the Fundamentals of Psychopathy teacher, with forty-odd bodies counted, chained to a wheelchair. Marcus, Maria and Saya fight their teacher in Atypical Combat Skills, good Chuck Norris joke in there, and Marcus gets praise for his attack. Wong brings Denke’s resignation to a higher power, and we see some folks holding books, and it looks like torture. Wong leaves with the implication that Denke must die. Maria and Saya have a scene about being normal girls, and try to steal some booze, using their training to escape. Marcus writes some stuff in his journal about how Denke was right about getting out, and Willie and Marcus question their friendship.

DEADLY CLASS — “Snake Pit” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Lana Condor as Saya, Michel Duvel as Chico — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Deadly Class shows off its dance moves

Then there’s a dance. Up on the roof, Marcus and Billy rant about America, and some fireworks get shot off. Chico shows up and makes things awkward, and Saya shows how tough she is. Petra gets bullied for being a rat, and everyone is real mean. More fireworks, and Petra comes up and bonds with everyone and the crew decides to get revenge. Wong considers his friendship with Denke, Shabnam gets some love, and the crew poison all the people who helped insult Petra with the terror stuff from earlier. Chico and Marcus fight a little, but then Willie stands up for Marcus, right before Wong ends the dance. Petra returns to the empty ballroom and Billy turns on “Lady in Red,” and the two share a dance and a heartfelt moment. Marcus and Willie are playing video games, touching back on the first scene, and they bond and make up. Wong and Denke argue about an upcoming examination, and then they fight; Wong gets stabbed, but chokes Denke out, and instead of killing him lets him run, implying he might get in trouble for that with the higher up lady from before.

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The episode ends with a student getting a bunch of money and a picture of Saya along with it, heavily suggesting that she has a hit out on her. If the show stays true to the comics, it’s about to get extreme! Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.