TMNT City Fall & Change is Constant Kickstarter team Q&A

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Credit: IDW Publishing

Can you give us a breakdown of some of the mechanics, rules, and gameplay?

The TMNT Adventures games can be played in both 4v1 Competitive mode and Cooperative mode.

Competitive Mode pins 4 heroes against a player-controlled villain across a variety of battle scenarios retelling the story of IDW’s TMNT universe. The villain figures are controlled using a 25 card Villain Deck, composed of a mix of ability cards for each villain figure type used in that battle, as well as a single regroup card that allows the villain player to shuffle the discard pile back into the villain deck.

Cooperative Mode pins 1-4 Heroes against an AI-controlled villain that moves, attacks, and blocks hits, automatically using an intuitive targeting system. In Cooperative Mode rather than the turn order being Hero, Villain, Hero, Villain; the turn order is chosen at random using an Initiative Deck composed of 1-2 cards for each figure type. The deck is shuffled and at the start of a turn the players draw a card and activate all figures of that type.

Which 70 comics will backers receive?

Murray: Backers are getting a curated selection of comics that will cover the storylines from the games, as well as some back stories for non-IDW readers to fall in love with characters we’ve created like Old Hob and Alopex. We’re approaching issue #100 of the ongoing series this year, and so proud of the work the creative team has done!