Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 best MCU fight scenes of all-time

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Credit: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures; from Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

There have been a ton of fight scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but which MCU fights were the best and what made them so great?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has set the bar for what comic book movies should be. Even when another comic book movie is amazing, people will still compare it to the MCU. For example, Aquaman has been compared to Black Panther due to a few of their similarities.

One thing that the MCU tends to get a lot of credit for is the action. The Marvel Cinematic Universe fight scenes have improved in some way or another from Iron Man 1 to Avengers: Infinity War. Whether it’s the CGI or how the battles are choreographed, there have been changes to keep people intrigued. But what makes a good fight scene?

First, the fight scene has to fit with the movie. You can’t have two random people fighting for no reason. It would throw the movie off. Second, and more importantly, the fight has to actually be entertaining. The action has to be smooth and the attacks have to make sense for the characters. You can’t have the Hulk doing backflips kicks or Thor using Black Widows acrobatic head scissors.

What we have coming up are the 15 best fight scenes in the MCU with a look at the reasoning behind the fight, the winner, what made the fight so good, and how this influenced the movies and the characters.

Which Marvel Cinematic Universe fight scene will take the cake? All will soon be revealed!