Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 best MCU fight scenes of all-time

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Credit: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures; from Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

11. Avengers vs. Hydra

Movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron

An opening scene can make or break a movie and Avengers: Age of Ultron set the stage perfectly. Having gotten good intel on a Hydra base (thank to Phil Coulson), the Avengers assembled to take the Hydra base and their leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Hydra may have outnumbered the Avengers, but they were vastly underpowered.

The Avengers went in and took them out with ease completing their goal of capturing Baron Strucker and securing the Hydra base.

Winner: The Avengers

Despite Wanda and Pietro Maximoff getting involved, this was a clear victory for the Avengers. There aren’t enough Hydra henchmen to take on the Avengers. Especially with Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man leading the charge. It was cool to see the Avengers showcasing all of their strengths. Thor jumping and flying around, Hawkeye hitting targets with ease, and Hulk just running through people. Two moments that will remain in everyone’s heads are Captain America yelling out “LANGUAGE!” and Black Widow being the only person who could make the Hulk calm.

This scene leads to the introduction of the Maximoffs and getting the Mind Stone. Both of these moments affect the MCU. Ultron and Vision are created, Wanda joins the Avengers, and it made it harder for Thanos to get the Mind Stone.