Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 best MCU fight scenes of all-time

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Credit: Marvel Studios

9. War Machine and Iron Man vs. Whiplash and Hammer’s drones

Movie: Iron Man 2

Iron Man hadn’t really been challenged yet up until this point. Obadiah Stane wasn’t a fighter or versed in using the armor used. When Whiplash first encountered Stark he wasn’t equipped with the tech to fight once Stark put his armor on. Stark’s first real fight was battling Justin Hammer’s drones and then Whiplash in his giant armor.

Luckily, Iron Man had Rhodey in his new War Machine armor. The two of them fought together for the first time and it looked like they had been fighting together for years. When Whiplash stepped up, they look a quick beating but used a trick they learned while fighting each other to defeat Whiplash.

Winner: Iron Man and War Machine

This fight had no business being as good as it was. Two guys using their armors for the first time in a fight against drones programmed to beat them and they won smoothly and with style. The contrast in their armors made for a great visual. Iron Man’s armor having flashier and possibly more destructive attacks while War Machine’s was full of guns shooting and cutting the drones in half. The end with the heroes blasting Whiplash with their dual repulsor blast was a perfectly loud ending.

This fight proved that War Machine belonged in the MCU. He may look clunky, but he’s the perfect counter to Iron Man.