When will Doom Patrol season 1 release on DC Universe?


Doom Patrol will become the second, original live-action series to debut on DC Universe. When can everyone look forward to its arrival?

When DC Universe debuted in September 2018, it steadily unveiled content for subscribers. DC Daily was among the first programs to arrive. Following that, the live-action Titans became this streaming service’s first original series, something always set to be expanded on. That will happen when Doom Patrol releases.

Doom Patrol is a spin-off of Titans. Some of the former’s characters already debuted on DC Universe, so they will have the chance to resonate with viewers and tell their story across a 13-episode season.

This show will follow a group of heroes that gained powers by accident, per DC Universe. Uniting from this, they will fight crime and take on Mr. Nobody, the big bad of season 1.

The show will release on Friday, Feb. 15, the same day as Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, another comic book property.

However, Doom Patrol will unveil one episode per week on DC Universe, identical to Titans. Episodes are available to stream anytime after release.

It’s a different style than Netflix, so there’s no binge-watching unless viewers wait until season 1 ends. That allows the typical approach to viewing this show unfold over 13 weeks or just over three months.

Others will follow Doom Patrol, too, including Swamp Thing and Stargirl. Both are set for this summer. Like Titans, it’s possible either show becomes a direct spin-off, including characters in minor roles to tease fans of DC Universe’s future.

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Doom Patrol will hit DC Universe on Friday, Feb. 15, and become this streaming service’s second live-action program.