Captain Marvel runtime basically mirrors Captain America: First Avenger


The runtime for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is official, and it ironically mirrors another franchise-starter for the MCU.

Captain Marvel hype will only build as the film nears its release date. It’s the first female solo production in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe DC and Warner Bros. defeated them with Wonder Woman in 2017, but this Brie Larson-led adventure has full-on blockbuster expectations to fulfill.

With any film that releases, potential moviegoers will wonder about its runtime, or how long they will sit in the theater for? Avengers: Infinity War went two hours, 40 minutes, while Ant-Man and the Wasp hit two hours, five minutes just three months later.

Where does that leave Captain Marvel? AMC officially listed the debut of Carol Danvers at two hours, four minutes, via MCU Cosmic. That translates to 124 minutes.

This lumps into previous MCU origin films, including Iron Man (two hours, six minutes) and Ant-Man (one hour, 57 minutes).

However, and maybe just by coincidence, it matches the runtime of Captain America: The First Avenger. While this film did not kick off the MCU, it marked the oldest origin story of any Avenger, since Steve Rogers became Captain America during World War II.

Captain Marvel will take viewers into the 1990s to tell Danvers’ story, before appearing in Avengers: Endgame. It’s not as distant into the past as The First Avenger, but telling the story of perhaps the next leader of the Avengers by dipping into previous events, only to disappear for a number of years, has similarities to the other “Captain” of the MCU.

Maybe that meant something in constructing the runtime. Maybe it didn’t. There’s also not as many characters to flesh out in a solo film, so Marvel doesn’t need to push the envelope as it did in Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, The Avengers and probably in Endgame. 

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Captain Marvel is bound for glory on Friday, Mar. 8, in theaters globally. It will open the MCU to whichever future is in store by traveling to the past.