The new Uncanny X-Men is a must read and this trend will continue

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Back to being hated

There are certain things that should remain true. Tony Stark is arrogant, Captain America is a leader, and the X-Men will fight for a world that hates and fears them. It started to look like mutants were starting to get a fair shake in the world. During X-Men Gold, writer Marc Guggenheim started the series with a woman hating mutants, but ended the series with her saving one of their lives and admitting she was wrong, a progression that is rarely seen with mutants. Now, writer Matthew Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, and Kelly Thompson brought back the old school hatred for mutants.

The U.S. Government has always had an issue with mutants. The people of New York are protesting at the mansion that the mutants should go home (the irony being that they are home), and the U.S. government has a “cure” for the mutant gene that they’re forcing kids to take. As disgusting as it is that hatred is a real-life issue, the X-Men have always been the comic series to shine a light on this problem. The X-Men comics show that being different isn’t an excuse for bigotry. They also show the flip side that extreme measures aren’t the answer either. Re-establishing this ideal came at a perfect time.