The new Uncanny X-Men is a must read and this trend will continue

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Dealing with insecurities

The X-Men deal with being different by just having powers. The idea of being born different makes them feel like they’ll never fit in. It also doesn’t help when their friends and families have rejected them and society looks at them like they’re freaks, spawns of Satan, or terrorists waiting to destroy the world. These assumptions have made even veteran X-Men like Hank McCoy (Beast) feel insecure. This issue came up again when young X-Man Anole gave the government access to a sample of a mutant cure. He thought he was helping kids to not feel like outcasts or monsters; instead, he helped the government exterminate the mutants.

Why are these insecurities a good thing? It makes for a good story when characters overcome them. It’s doubtful that Anole will overcome them and remain a mutant, but it will give Beast something to think about. Beast has been dealing with his insecurities since his early years on the original X-Men. Even though he still hates his appearance, he still manages to get over it and see the good in his abilities in the end. It’s a victory that may help readers overcome whatever insecurities they’re dealing with.