Who (or what) are the Umbrella Academy?

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Credit: Gabriel Bá and Dave Stewart (Dark Horse Comics); from The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite

Diego Hargreeves, a.k.a. The Kraken, a.k.a. Number Two

If Luther is the expy for such heroes as Superman and Cyclops, then Diego is a definitely expy for the likes of Batman and Wolverine. Also, just like their counterparts, Luther and Diego have an intense rivalry that sometimes resorts to physical blows. Another similarity between them and their counterparts is that, compared to his adoptive brother, Diego is physically outclassed compared to Luther despite being “Number Two.”

This is baffling for another reason as Diego’s super power is the ability to hold his breath indefinitely. While this may be great for swimming underwater long distances (hence his codename), it’s comparatively useless with what his other adoptive siblings can do. However, Diego makes up for this by being a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and an accomplished knife-thrower. Like Batman, he moonlights as a vigilante, cooperates with the police, prefers going at it alone, and behaves like a jerk. He also, at some point, lost his right eye.

In keeping with being the dark, brooding loner archetypes, Diego isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind As far as his relationship with his other adoptive siblings go, the only one he seems to have genuine fondness and love for is Vanya. Whether this will translate over into the series remains to be seen, but at least David Castañeda seems to fit the role based on the trailer, although it looks as though he has both of his eyes.

Credit: Gabriel Bá and Dave Stewart (Dark Horse Comics); from The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite

Allison Hargreeves, a.k.a. The Rumor, a.k.a. Number Three

Despite Sir Hargreeves designating her as “Number Three,” its assumed that Allison is the most powerful member of the team. Whenever she tells a lie beginning with the words, “I heard a rumor,” it instantly becomes true. Her only limitations are her imagination and that she has to speak these lies out loud. Perhaps due to the nature of her abilities, or also because of her beauty, her teammates regard her as a vain, standoffish diva.

Over the course of the series, readers learn she was the first member of the team to experience real trauma, as a cannibalistic mad scientist named Dr. Terminal ate her left arm. Moreover, after the team disbands, she attempted to live a normal life by marrying her boyfriend and giving birth to a daughter. On the day of Sir Hargreeves’ funeral, however, she’s now divorced with her ex-husband having full custody of their child. There are also hints she’s in love with Luther, as well.

Yet based on the trailer, it seems as though the series has gone in the opposite direction with her character. Instead of opting for a normal life, Allison, as played by Emmy Raver-Lampman opts for a life of fame as an actress. In addition, the Dark Horse webpage about the series states she has the power of “suggestion” instead of the ability to alter reality. It’s a very curious creative decision by the showrunners have made which risks undermining her real role over the course of the series.