Who could be the Arrowverse’s Red Death?


Red Death was recently mentioned in an episode of The Flash. Here is our thought on who could be the Red Death in the Arrowverse. Spoilers ahead from earlier episodes.

The Flash‘s twelfth episode “Memorabilia” took Barry and Iris into Nora’s mind whereby they saw Captain Singh on a recording talking about Cicada still killing metas and his kills were more than Zoom and ‘Red Death’. Most of the Flash TV Series fans are familiar with Zoom but not the Red Death. That is where questions arise: who is Red Death and how could he be made in the Arrowverse?

The Flash and Batman Combined

For fans who have read the comic book Dark Knights: Metal, Red Death is a combination of Flash and Batman. When Batman loses everyone he loves, he tries to get the Flash to change the timeline but while in this process, The Flash and his body merges and Batman gains control of him. This version of Batman is deadly and evil and also has an evil justice league of his own in his dimension.

It could be possible in the Arrowverse for Red Death to arrive on Earth-1 and would want to conquer it as well. In the comics, Red Death’s earth is part of the Dark Multiverse where his earth becomes highly unstable and therefore he goes for another earth to conquer. This could be an interesting way for him to arrive in the Arrowverse and could open the doors of the dark multiverse and new villains as well and we could finally see a form of Batman in the Arrowverse.

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A Speed Stealer

Red Death in the comics is based on Batman gaining the speed of Barry Allen, so what if Red Death would be a person so obsessed with speed that he would do everything in his power to take the speed of The Fastest Man Alive? This could be similar to Zoom except in Zoom’s case, Zoom wanted to cure himself to prevent his death.

This could make Red Death a more interesting villain. He would want to steal the speed of speedsters and this could be a huge threat to Team Flash. Red Death could even want to save his city from collapse and would need more speed to do so.

An Evil Arrow and Flash Combined

The Arrowverse was formed by one superhero known as the Green Arrow. Arrow is the main series that created the Arrowverse and the many characters we are seeing today including The Flash. What if, instead of Batman, An evil arrow and flash combined bodies with the evil Arrow being in control of their body? That would definitely be quite the shock yet interesting to see as well.

Instead of Batman losing Gotham City, Arrow could lose Star City and along with it, his loved ones. It would make the Arrow extremely evil and would definitely be great to watch as Barry fights a friend who he knows pretty well. It could even be more if the Arrowverse’s Arrow meets the evil Arrow as it would definitely bring about an emotional scene if well-developed.

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Well, these are my opinions. The Flash is currently running its fifth season fighting Cicada. Let’s wait and see if Red Death arrives and how arrives into the Arrowverse in the near future.