Carlos Valdes is leaving The Flash after season 5


Broadway actor and singer, Carlos Valdes, will no longer play Barry Allen’s budding sidekick, Cisco Ramon, on The Flash after the current season.

After nearly five years, the actor most well known for playing Cisco Ramon/Vibe on The Flash will not be reprising his role as the S.T.A.R Labs mechanical engineer and member of Team Flash. Discussing Film gave the exclusive report.

There have been multiple sources and pundits that claimed Carlos would not return for season 6 of The Flash. Before appearing on The CW Network, first on Arrow and then eventually on the spin-off featuring the Scarlet Speedster, Valdes was a Broadway actor, who was very much devoted to theater. Following his graduation from the University of Michigan, he performed in theater productions such as High School Musical, The Wedding Singer and the Jersey Boys. The musical, Once, in which he displayed his multi–instrumental talent, was nominated for a Tony Award.

Daniel Richtman also known as DanielRPK, SuperBroMovies writer, social-media influencer and entertainment insider stated that it is “very likely” Carlos will leave his role on The Flash. Popular DCTV YouTuber, Pagey, had this to say about the current situation:

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"“[Season 5 of The Flash] is setting his [Carlos] departure up and his consistent absences in his episodes, in my opinion at least, is the show getting us used to Cisco not being there with the team.”"

One thing that has been questioned by Discussing Film is how the producers will handle the potential loss of such a character on the show. Admittedly, the best time would have been last season with Gypsy. Ben Rolph, himself a popular YouTuber on DC on TV and Discussing Film editor, suggested a hypothetical sixth season for the Fastest Man Alive would have to “weave in a replacement.” Tom Felton (Julian Albert), sure Todd Helbing would be grateful to have you on the line.

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Jokes aside, no statements have been made by Carlos’ management, neither The CW nor Warner Bros. Television, at the time of this article’s publishing. While tear drops may not be too far ahead in the coming weeks, likely, a statement will be made regarding the character’s departure. This also does not mean goodbye for good. It may be possible for the actor to remain on the show as recurring or guest starring role. He will just not be returning as a series regular.