War of the Realms: Is Sabretooth teaming with Malekith?


Is Sabretooth back to his old tricks in War of the Realms?

Back in 2014, Marvel Comics put out a series called AXIS. In it, some of the heroes and villains in the Avengers and X-Men switched personalities (it was called the inversion spell). Among them was Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth. When the series was over, Sabretooth was one of the few people who stayed opposite to what they once were, and he will experience another interesting arc in War of the Realms.

Over the past few years, Sabretooth was fighting the urge to revert back to who he was. He may have lost that fight. It appears now that he may officially be going back to his days of being the unrelenting and ruthless murderer Sabretooth. Newsarama reported that in War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men No. 2, Sabretooth will be joining Malekith in his fight. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’ll be going after the X-Men.

While Sabretooth was a good guy (it feels wrong calling Sabretooth a hero), he fought alongside the X-Men and even the Avengers for a short time. He was still the same cynical person he’s always been. Except, now, he was a little more restrained. It was a really good look for Creed. He may have been a better hero than villain. However, everyone knew this wasn’t going to last forever. That said, it’s not a guaranteed thing that this is the story where Sabretooth goes back to killing indiscriminately.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

With Wolverine back it was only a matter of time before Sabretooth and Logan started their lifelong blood feud. The War of the Realms series doesn’t seem like the title to start that. Malekith may have enlisted Sabretooth, but that doesn’t mean anything. Sabretooth has been used and controlled before. This could be another situation like this. There also the possibility that Sabretooth could be using Malekith for his own needs.

Victor Creed is a lot smarter than he’s given credit for. He once orchestrated a plan that landed him being in charge of the criminal underground in Asia. He’s also found ways to trick the X-Men on a couple of occasions. Working for Malekith could be him trying to not become evil again. If anyone could stop that from happening, it’s someone with connections to magic. Why would Sabretooth do this? He’s been a villain so long that maybe he’s tired of being chased.

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Matt Rosenberg (Multiple Man, and Punisher) will be writing War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men. If it’s anything like his current run of Uncanny X-Men it will be a great story full of twists. Stay tuned here to find out what happens.